Urgent Call for Voter Turnout in Pulai and Simpang Jeram

In the eleventh hour before polling in Pulai, a Pakatan Harapan leader issues a critical appeal to voters residing outside Johor, emphasizing the need for their return to secure victory.

Heading: A Crucial Turnout Target

Ramkarpal Singh of DAP underscores the significance of a 70% or higher voter turnout in Pulai and Simpang Jeram to ensure victory for the Pakatan Harapan-Barisan Nasional alliance.

Heading: Opposition’s Anticipation

Ramkarpal Singh suggests that the opposition Perikatan Nasional is banking on a voter turnout below 65% for their chances of winning.

Heading: Honoring a Late Representative

The appeal to voters resonates with the late Salahuddin Ayub, emphasizing the importance of PH retaining both seats in honor of their former MP and state assemblyman.

Heading: Critical Majority in Dewan Rakyat

Ramkarpal Singh highlights the significance of a victory in Pulai, as it would enable the unity government to maintain its two-thirds majority in the Dewan Rakyat.

Heading: Low Postal Votes from Singapore

Reports reveal that only two postal votes have been received from Malaysians in Singapore for the two state by-elections, raising concerns about voter participation from abroad.

Heading: Candidates and Contests

The Pulai by-election features candidates Suhaizan Kaiat, Zulkifli Jaafar of PN, and independent candidate Samsudin Fauzi. In Simpang Jeram, the contest is between Nazri Abdul Rahman, PN’s Dr. Mazri Yahya, and independent S. Jeganathan.

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